martes, 29 de abril de 2014

2 ESO The Butterfly Circus


Some members of the Butterfly Circus visit the Carnival Sideshow, an exibition of 'different people'. They enter in a tent where they see 'the monsters'. A man without extremities, called Will, attraks the attention of the owner of the Butterfly Circus, Méndez.
Everybody make fun of him but the owner says to Will 'you're magnific'. Then Will spits out on his face because he thinks Méndez is making fun of him.
After talking to his mate Will realizes he lost a big chance and leave the Carnival Sideshow to join the Butterfly Circus.
He appears in a truck and the members of the Butterfly Circus invite him to stay with them.
Will thinks he will do the same as in the other circus but Mendez explains that everybody in there show their talents.
The Circus travel around and Will is happy with them. One day they arrive to a town where a child admires the streigh of one his mates and it makes him think about. Will doesn't react and Mendez talks to him to makes him react and relizes he can do someting special.
One day he descovers his talent in the river: he CAN SWIM!
Rihgt now he takes part of the circus. He learnt the lesson!

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