martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Interesting information that makes us think

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  1. Is very interesting and we understand but some things do not understand,look at the WordReference to see it to understand.

  2. The most shocked idea is that the typical man is a 28 years old han chinese who hasn't got a bank a count. whe couldn't imagine that a han chinese man was the typical man.

    Hassan Muhammad, Mohamed El Harrous and Valeria Jimenez.
    2nB ESO

  3. We think that all the video is shocking, but the most shocking is that the world's typical person is a 28 year old han chinese man.
    We think is unfair that an American uses 100 gallons of water at home per day and an Ethiopian 2'5 gallons. Some women in Ethiopia spend 8 hours per day to collect water.

    Eva, Laura and Raúl.

  4. Alba Barrak, Ariadna Plaza and Biqing Guan:

    The most interesting idea is that some people have different life expentancy depending on the country where they one born. People can't decide where to born.

  5. Gerard, Miguel Angel and Niefei.16 de marzo de 2011, 3:24

    The most shocking info is that American people spend a lot of water and Ethyopian spend 8 hours per dy to collect it. (Gerard)

    I was really shocked to know the different life espectancy in different countries. (Niefei)

    What's truk me most was that the prototype of a human is a chinese. (Miguel Angel)

    Gerard, Miguel Angel and Niefei.

  6. The most interesting idea is that women die in about 45 years in Afganistan.

    Another interesting idea is that a women collect 2,5 gallons water in Ethiopia, during eight hours, while American people spend 100 gallons per day.

    Finally we are shocked when we in knew that there is 9.000.000 milions of Han chinese in the world.

    Ivan , Jose i Maria isabel